"this may be the suckiest present ever..."

those are the exact words that came out of my brother's mouth about the amazing boots pictured to the right. but they aren't just any kind of boots... they are slippers!! fuzzy, fleece lined with hard plastic soles on them so i can go outside in my slippers. and i luuuv to go outside in my slippers. i have repeatedly worn them out in public in place of actual shoes. between the 500 thread count sheets and these wonderful boots, i am rolling around in mortal sin. believe me when i say that i will happily sing "Burn, Baby Burn", just because i am not giving up these wonderful, decadent items.

suckiest present ever? puh-leese...excerpt from above: "repeatedly worn in public in place of actual shoes". sucky presents get thrown away, returned or recycled. and i can assure you, i would bite someone if they tried to do any of those things to my boots. i love them and i love you, even if you did say i was like Forrest Gump's wife.


the carnage!!

here are the pictures from our first christmas together as a new family. what you see here is only 2 rounds of the SEVEN that my daughter will have over the next couple of days. obviously, we have had a good morning. i don't normally do christmas this early, but as you all know, we had a little upset in our plans thanks to my ex. but, that didn't stop our festivities!! thanks to a great friend for that, much love to you.
so, i hope that the coming days will be filled with love and laughter, memories, old traditions, new traditions, family and friends. may your homes be blessed with joy and happiness as we close this year. it's been long, it's been fun and it's been hard, but it has been worth every last minute.
Merry Christmas


tis the season...

click on the picture and go read the rest of this post. it is beautiful and inspiring. i love you big brother.


Lockhart v. United States

The ninth circuit court ruled yesterday that Social Security benefits can be garnished to pay overdue student loans. granted the loans have to be outstanding for ten years, but i know people on social security and most of them can't afford to have any of it taken from them.
and, i could be wrong here, isn't this paying back the government with the government's money? either way it seems excessive and aggressive. do you really think garnishing part of the $874.00 of someone that lives in Seattle is going to reduce the student loan debt, or kill him sooner so that he can get off social security? this just makes me mad.
oh, and if anyone can tell me the supreme court ruling stating that parent's rights END when their child enters school property, i would be most appreciated. and then i will post my angst about that, too.



okay, everyone knows that i live in the south, and as such, we are not adapted for the cold! we are made to handle humidity and rain and lots of hot, hot, hot...so when i went outside this morning to warm my car, i nearly died from the cold reaching into my body to freeze my blood and turn my bones into icicles. it is still 32 degrees outside and it's 9:30 in the morning. that is just wrong.
however, all my cold weather bitchery has an upside. it looked awesome outside!! everything was all freezy and white. the windshield of my car had cool ice patterns all over it. and the yard was crunchy!!! the poor frisbee that had been tossed in the yard just this past weekend, lay stuck to the grass with ice crusting over it's upturned belly. absolutely amazing. so, yes, the weather does affect my bones but it is so pretty doing it, i really don't care. happy freezy day.