Lazy me

Well, not lazy, perhaps neglectful. I've been hopping around getting stuff done this week and the end of last. Miss Pinks finished out the first grade with perfect scores!! All A+'s and S's, so we were very happy. Then, she has been off playing with the grandparents having the best of times being spoiled and enjoying the beginning of summer.

I bought paint for the baby's room, but we haven't painted yet. We bought a pool and spent DAYS leveling the yard and setting it up. Then, it rained cats and dogs. sigh.... FINALLY I have gotten to be able to clean it and will actually be able to swim in it sometime today. My dad laughs at me every day that I don't get to swim. I, personally, do not think it's funny.

Granted, I've never been much for swimming, but when you add in the baby and the fact that it's hot as crap all the time, and only getting hotter, the pool is going to be my sanity saver. Not to mention Miss Pinks and I are going to have a BLAST!!!

I've been getting caught up on laundry, work and all those other things that I put off to play with my daughter. It's not nearly as fun, but will free up my time later. I've got to do more housework so I better scoot. Hope everyone is doing well!



It's not twins!

It's a big baby boy!!!


WHEW! I finally have time to update this thing!!

I've been MEGA busy. By far the busiest I have been in about 6 months. It's been mostly good busy. Here is one thing that made the craziness worth it:

Miss Pinks had her first dance recital!!! Doesn't she look beautiful? They had the moms hopping at dress rehearsal and the night of, but it was worth it. I was SO nervous before she went on for her first dance. I knew she knew the dance, it was just mom jitters. Her and her class did super well and they all got ribbons with medals on them at the end of the show! My mom gave her roses and then we all went out to eat. We almost took up a whole row at the show! Lots of love for the princess.

Friday, I got older and celebrated my 32nd birthday! It was so scheduled with work, school obligations, rehearsals, etc. that I didn't get to do as much as I would have liked. My dear friend took me out to eat and gave me presents! Very cool. My fam had a small party for me crammed in between everyone getting here and the dance recital. I did take pamper me day on Wednesday, so that was good. Hubs bought me a portable fan, let's face it, I'm hot all the time now, and a book I've been wanting for a year, but wouldn't buy for myself!

Tomorrow is the day we get the ultrasound!!! So you know that I'll be posting at least one more day this month. I'm getting REALLY big and am ready to know exactly what has been kung fu fighting in my tummy. VERY ACTIVE BABY. Plus, we find out if there are 2. Exciting, huh?

Alright, that's it, I've got paperwork to do, clothes to fold, me to bathe and go to work. Doesn't that wear you out just thinking about all that? It does me!! Have a good one!



Happy Mother's Day!!!

Just taking a moment to wish a wonderful Mother's Day to all the cool and great moms I know. Being a mom is tough work, but it's rewarding every day. I hope that you all have a spectacular day and get a little pampered!!! I got a AWESOME hand made, pop up card! With jelly beans! can you believe that? What a little artist.

We're off to play games while Hubs gets breakfast. Have a good one, fellow moms, you deserve it!

Hugs and Love,


hey, Hey, HEY!

I've been swamped. Really, I've been so busy it's just not right, but it's a good thing. The store is rolling along nicely and the new staff is working out well. Miss Pinks is almost ready for her dance recital and she is doing her last book report today.

Personally, I'm getting bigger by the second. I officially lost sight of my feet today. If I stand up straight and look down, they aren't there. I'm also getting kicked in more than one place, so we really are starting to wonder if I'm having twins. We'll know for sure on the 21st!!

Not much else is going on, so I hope you all are well. I'll blog hop later today! Hugs and much love!!