OH! What pretty kids I have!

(don't you just want to eat those cheeks!)

(she's growing up so fast!)

My beautiful darlings!



but it's so worth it.


Sassy New Do!

Guys, she is growing up so fast!! I bet in a few years (like maybe only 2!) she's going to be as tall as me or taller. She decided to cut all her hair off the other day and I think it looks fantastic. Most of all, she loved it and the reaction she got from all her friends. What a lucky woman I am to have such gorgeous children! And she's thoughtful, kind and smart! There is a brand new girl in her class, so when we did the Valentine's Day cards, she gave one of the big ones to her best friend, and one to the new girl so that she could have something extra special since she's new. How sweet is that? Man, I just love her to pieces!!

Things have been busy, busy, busy here! But, I am going to try to post more often and actually check in on my blog buddies, too. Oh, I joined Weight Watchers at the end of January and I am just shy of losing 10 pounds! I've lost 11 inches off my waist and hips so far! WOO! Look out world, healthy Pinky coming through!

Alright, I've got to get to work. Hope you all have a Happy Valentine's Day!! Hugs n Luv!!


You see that paci?

Well I think it's SUPER funny. I may eat, I may not. But you can admire my cuteness while I decide. I also like to play in my jumperoo so much, that I pass out from exhaustion. No, I haven't been drinking, it only looks that way....

When I'm not trying to take over the world by being the sweetest baby boy evah, I'm totally loving my sister. She rocks!! Look, here we went to this crazy building because she won 2 awards for her art! Cool, huh? Both of them will go on to compete at the State Competition.

My mom is really proud of her! She was also in the local paper for the parade her class put on celebrating the Chinese New Year. Being 4 months old (already!) is tough, but it's not so bad when you have a super sister, a snuggly momma and a dad that lets me drool on him and he still love me anyway.