Goodbye 2008

So here it is, the end of another year. I once again find myself sitting here wondering "where did it all go?" But I know the answer to that. I was pregnant for most of it, then the rest has been filled with baby-ness.

I was folding Mr. Man's laundry yesterday and I was thinking about how often I fold up his and Miss Pinks, I make sure it gets put up and that the house is mostly clean. I do what I can but it could be mopped more often. I try to make sure that Miss Pinks has her favorite juice and afternoon snacks and that Hubs has all his favorite foods, too. I make sure there are clean towels and that we never run out of hand soap/ toothpaste/ body wash/ shampoo.

I know that I don't always come out on top and that sometimes I'm a real pill to deal with, but I try. I try to take care of my family everyday. I make sure they all get hugs and kisses and comfort. I try to lend an ear for Hubs anytime he needs me to. I help with homework and I make sure baths are just right, not too hot.

I don't usually make resolutions but I think this year I'm going to try to treat myself a little better too. I put me last and I have got to quit doing that. Yes, I am a mom, wife, employer, friend, sister, daughter. But, I am ME above all else and I think it's time I remember that.

My 2008 was filled with so many wonderful and amazing things, I don't think I have to wherewithal to write it all down. So, I'll just say that it was grand. I have a new son, I have a spectacular daughter, I have a loving husband and a thriving business. May 2009 be blessed, too.

Cheers! and Happy New Year!!



Miss Pinks took the B/W ones.