All kinds of stuff going on!

Okay, okay, you guys have waited the week I did, so here is the update on New Baby! It is in fact, just one baby, although my girth would suggest otherwise. He is already at 6 pounds 9 ounces, which in case you didn't know, is freaking HUGE! I'm at 34 weeks at he's big enough for a 37 week old baby. Heck, Miss Pinks only weighed 7.6, so he's not far behind her already! Also, I'm sharing the new ultrasound photos!! WOOOO! He gets camera shy and hides his face a little, but you can see him smushing up his lips and his little button nose all the same.

Computers amaze the crap out of me. We never had anything like this with Miss Pinks. Just too cool. He's got his foot and hand in the way on the left side. Funny thing is, he did the same thing on the earlier ultrasound. Me, have a shy baby? Puh-leeze, he just wants his privacy.

Speaking of the darling girl, here is a shot of her in her new shirt! I finished it just the other night and she wore it to school yesterday. I'm glad she was proud to wear something her momma made. I seriously altered this pattern and I wasn't all that thrilled, but she loved it and that's all that matters.

( I made it from an old twin sheet of hers!)

(getting tickled at jumping on her dad)

( REALLY tickled at how unhappy he looks to be jumped on at 7:15 in the morning! heeheehee)

I've got to throw this next dress in the wash, but I am really happy with how it turned out. I made her a dress from this pattern earlier this year but this is the modifed version. I had bought the green to make a maternity top for me only to realize that the pattern I picked up was the wrong size. Oh, well, she got to use it, so that's good.

I shortened it and added this gorgeous battenburg lace that I've had forever!

Isn't this lace pretty!! It looks really good on her and with the shortened length, it fits her a little better, too.

I've also finished my nursing cover. My cousin had one this summer and I thought is was a great idea! Thin cotton, but in a dark pattern so you can't see through it, adjustable strap and a little boning at the neckline so you can peek in at your baby while your are nursing. Loved the idea, so I go on the internets and found these great ones at 40 bucks a pop. Yeah.... I didn't want to pay that, so I made my own pattern, adjusted width and length to suit me and I even did the boning in the neckline!! I am REALLY proud of myself for that one!

I know it just looks like a polka dotted blob, but it looks right when you put it on.

Boning! I'm going to make one for a friend of mine for her upcoming baby. Oh, the best thing, it cost me less than 8 bucks to do it all!! WOOO! Talk about a deal. Way better than 40 plus shipping.

After the Dr. visit, Hubs and I did a minimal amount of shopping and I picked this up for Miss Pinks:

She nearly fainted when she saw the crazy material in the bag. She loves bright colors!! That's all that is going on. I'm toting around a giant baby in my tummy all day and sewing. I get bored sitting still all day, but sewing gives me something to do with my hands and I've gotten pretty good at it. Who knows, maybe I'll start making more than just for Miss Pinks and sell some of this stuff. I sure could use the money! New babies aren't cheap!

I hope that everyone is doing well and I will try to get by and visit everyone in the next few days. Hugs and much love!!



It hurts all the time. Serious. I think I'm growing watermelons that move, not a baby. I know we only have a week left to go back to the doctor but it's getting uncomfortable here. I've finally relented and quit working. It's just too much. I get Miss Pinks to and from school and that's about it.

Speaking of, I had been trying to figure out a way to pay for dance again this year. Let's face it, a new baby kinda screws the budget. I FINALLY got it and she tells me yesterday that she doesn't want to do it anymore. Kids, what can you do with them?

I really don't have anything going on. I've been sewing a LOT lately and I'll take some shots of the work I've done. I finished a nursing cover for me and made a new dress for Miss Pinks. It's really pretty!! I bought material to make her a few more things and I'm even thinking about putting some of it in my Etsy shop. You never know.

Alright, I'm going. Have a good one and I'll chat at you all soon. HUGS!


A Moment

To reflect on the lives of both Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes. To lose two such great icons in one weekend was a little much. Peace be with you both.


First Day Back!!

Doesn't she look cute!! First day was good, she was all excited to see her friends and party like a second grader should. OH! I just love her!!!


Dinner and a Giant Baby

I have been missing something from my diet that I shouldn't skip on while preggo but I honestly didn't realize I had been doing it until yesterday. Vegetables!! I haven't been eating as many lately but when the craving hit, well I just had to have a bunch. This was dinner last night. (I had never understood taking dinner pictures, but it just looked so yummy, I thought I would share!)

Summer squash, onions and mushrooms being cooked in olive oil with rosemary and cracked pepper.

Steamed broccoli. I put rosemary, sage and thyme in the water below so the flavor infused itself, then I drizzled it with butter.

The finished product! Smoked sausage added a nice meat to the meal without being overbearing in flavor and the orange pile is mashed sweet potatoes. OMG, it was sooooo good!!

Well, I went to the Doc today and I'm now on my every 2 weeks visit rotation. Which means I'm nearing the end. She is going to do an ultrasound on the 20th because I measured large for how far along I am. In case you are wondering what that means, either there is another baby hiding in there, or our son is ginormous. I'm pretty sure it's the latter but if he's real big, they may decide to do a C-section to keep me from having further complications and from hurting him during childbirth. Miss Pinks was a normal, 7 pound 6 ounce baby and she got stuck, so I'm concerned about having him the traditional way.

We will know more in two weeks. It did make Hubs and I double up on some work that we were doing in the house because you never know what may happen. There is another girl that I know that is due one week before me and she is going to have a Section done the end of this month because her son is big. We're about the same size, so the thought of surgery is in there. Who knows? As long as he's healthy, I'm fine with whatever they decide.

Well, Miss Pinks starts back to school tomorrow, so I better scoot. Hope all is well and I'll stop by and chat soon. Hugs and love!!


A week in Photos!

I've had a lot going on since I last posted. First off, Hubs and I had to make sure Miss Pinks got her school supplies. She starts back on Thursday!! Where did this summer go?! She was still playing with the grands, so we shopped for her. Here's the haul!

I hope I don't have to pay some copyright thing for showing that much Hannah Montana! She already had a bookbag from last year that she is going to use again, so in a lot of ways, we got off light. Also, her teacher had TONS of stuff saved over the years, that helped the bottom line, too.

Next up! We FINALLY got to move the kitchen table from the other house! (yes, we still have stuff over there. Talk to my husband about it, not me!) I am super excited about this because it meant that I could set up my office like I really want and have room to do more craftiness!

New Office set up. More room!!

New Crafting Section! Since the table is wider and longer, I was able to add my sewing machine and a considerable cut/ pin space to work with. Plus, I still have room for all my beads!

Having the new space finally let me do this!!

Aweseomely cute tote bag for me to carry papers to and from work in. I have a fabulous briefcase, but sometimes I just need a little thing. I am SUPER proud of this, especially since these were the instructions:

Yeah, not much to that, huh? So, I modified a little and made mine sturdier than the one they had there. I also have enough of this fun fabric to make something cute for Miss Pinks! I've been sewing a lot lately. My brain has had a bead freeze and I just can't get into like I would like. Some of that is because I don't know how to metalsmith and I can't learn while preggo:
toxic fumes +baby=crappy mom.

Speaking of the little man, we got the last bit of work done in his room, so here are pictures!! (some of them are fuzzy because apparently my hands shake while I'm in a hurry. Go figure!)

This last one has the flash on, but the muted tones are more what it looks like in there. I also know that he can't sleep with all those babies, but for right now, they have to live there. The big monkey is from my best gal pal, the little striped monkey came from my brother's awesome girlfriend and his cheeks light up and he plays "You are My Sunshine!" Also, the elephant was my pick, the horse is a gift from Miss Pinks and the yellow duck was bought by his dad just yesterday. So, yeah, they all get a place for now.

Hope you enjoyed the week in review! I go to the Doc on Wednesday so I will update you then. Hugs and love!!