New Day

Well it's a new day and I am so very, very thankful for all of you leaving comments of encouragement, thoughts and prayers. I'd been holding things in and I was going to burst because I just had too many things to deal with. I'm glad that I could lean on you and get the support I so desperately needed. Needed more than I was truly willing to admit.

What do I do when I can't seem to get anything else done? That's right boys and girls, I make jewelry!! So without further ado, here are my two newest pieces!!

Santa Fe Dreams

Santa Fe Dreams Necklace

21 inches of ceramic beads accented with
sterling silver spacers, cones
bead caps and barrel beads.
The center stone is a large piece of turquoise!
And last, but not least, there is a small dangle tag
that simply reads "Inspire".

Pinky Pink

Pinky Pink
7 inch long bracelet filled with pink!
Composed of square and bicone glass in pink
that have been lined with a touch of green.
Spacer beads of matte Czech glass in a deep pinkish red.
And a sterling silver "S" clasp finishes it off in style.

Well, there you have it! Oh, and just for kicks, what do you do when you can't go outside to take pictures because it's yucky and you have no light? MAKESHIFT STUDIO!!

Laugh all you want, but it worked! I'll try to get these in my shop today, but Etsy is being a bugger and I can't even log in. Hope you all have a good day! ~Pinky!


The nights seem too long...

I have been wanting to write about my holiday, but I just haven't had it in me. A lot happened in the few days I was gone and it's starting to take it's toll on me. I have a favor to ask and it's one that I don't ask lightly. I know that the people that read this blog are from different religions and faiths, but it still seems to me that all of you have a belief in something. I'm asking you to tap into that belief for my family.

My Great Aunt Ann is very sick and has been for a while now. This past summer was very hard on her and she ended up having to move to a nursing home after living on her own for, well, as long as I can remember. She is a woman of great faith and enormous love. She is an inspiration to so very many people, myself included. I could only hope to be the kind of woman she has been. Thanksgiving morning, she decided to sign a DNR order after yet another stay in the hospital. This was no easy choice for her as she had refused one earlier in the year. She was afraid of letting go, of leaving us behind. She's not afraid anymore and she just wants peace.

I love my Aunt Ann with a ferocity that is almost overwhelming. She knows my heart better than anyone save my husband and my father. I am closer to her than anyone else in my family. We've written letters to each other for years and I have every single one. I know she's ready to leave, but I'm not ready to let her go. It's selfish and childish but it's true. I am blessed to have her grace my life for thirty years and I'm just not ready for her to move physically out of it. I want everyone to meet her, to see what a wonderful and amazing woman she is. I want everyone to know just how special she is. Her strength, her beauty, her unending faith. I'm not ready for her light in this world to go out but I know she is.

Difficult is too small a word to describe how hard this is. I got to see her when I went home for the holiday and I could have stayed there forever. She calms my heart and loves me deeply, without condemnation or criticism. I love her so much that it actually hurts. So what I am asking is that you put your faith or beliefs towards a peace for my family. She is close to the end now and her leaving will pierce a hole in all our hearts.

Please, oh please, rally that faith to help my family through this. And may the heavens above give me strength to breathe when she is gone.

For Dewy

Yes, Dewy, I do!!

I have a problem with a furry growth in my computer chair. Anyone else have this kind of problem?



Baby Abby was born just about 30 minutes ago. No, I'm not blogging from the hospital, I came home to make a sandwich. Anyhoo! She is teeny-tiny weighing in at 3 pounds 7 ounces. All her initial tests show a healthy, little girl. Please keep her and her mom in your prayers, none of us were expecting such a little baby. I'll keep you posted!

Welcome to the world Abby!!!

***Update: Baby Abby has been taken to another hospital to be placed in NICU care. Her lungs aren't as developed as they originally thought. This is really hard on my friend so please keep them both in your prayers. Thanks for all the well wishes that have been sent and I will let you know how they are both doing.***

I'm Home!

Well, I went to my parents for the holiday and I have tons of stories to tell you. A lot has happened in the last two days. But, right now, I'm going to the hospital because a friend of mine is having her baby!! I want everyone to say a prayer for her, the baby is nearly 6 weeks premature and the mom is having difficulties. She's doing well and so far, the baby is too, but in situations like this, well you need all the faith you can get.

I'll let update you on the baby and write my GIANT holiday post when I get home! Hope everyone had a good day! HUGS! ~Pinky!


Elegant Dreams

Elegant Dreams

Elegant Dreams
by: Pinky!
Twenty inches of black and white pearls
In my shop!

Here is my newest piece! I'm really happy with the way this came out. If you go look at the one in my shop, you can see some really good detail in the tube beads and the pretty colors of the black pearls. I also want to send a HUGE
to some wonderful people that made yesterday my biggest sale day ever. I sold EIGHT pieces yesterday!! I'm not giving your names because I know some are for presents!! Thank you so very, very much!

I'll be back later for my holiday post. If you get the chance, check out my shop and do some shoppping! Thanks to everyone who has been commenting, I haven't forgotten about you, just busy with my precious little girl.


Hello Everybody!

I haven't forgotten about everyone, but Baby Girl is out of school this week and it's hard to plan time to do blogs, jewelry, cleaning and partying with the baby. We made fuse bead creations for hours yesterday! She helped me clean the computer room (it really needed it!) and we hung up pictures and organized all her books. It was good. For some reason, I get more housework completed when she is at home. I don't know why, but it's always been like that. I guess because she makes it more fun than it really is.

I'm hoping to have pictures up later of new work. I'm starting to freak out a little this month. I haven't had ONE sale for the whole month of November. It's starting to scare me. I really thought with the Craft Revolution article and some of the other advertising I have done, that I would have a good sale month. But I got nothing, nada, zip, dried up. Which makes me freak out heavily. I'm hoping that everyone is just saving up for after Thanksgiving and then I will be slammed with orders! (seriously, I'm really, really hoping that's what it is.)

I'm going to try to get by everyone's houses today to see what all has been going on. I miss everyone, but if you have little ones, you know time schedules don't always work like you want them to. Hugs and love to everyone! ~Pinky!


For Barngoddess

I took this picture with Barngoddess solely in mind. I thought she might enjoy it and I hope you all do, too. I've been busy and running around today and I'm not done yet. I hope to get caught up with everyone tomorrow! Until then, have a good weekend!! ~ Pinky!


Heart line

Sorry for the AWOL

I was out taking pictures all day! I'll be back later to post the shots I took. Some of them turned out really well. Have a good night everyone! ~Pinky!


Two New Items in My Shop!

Both are in my shop!! GO BUY SOMETHING!




Something Fun!


Another Work In Progress

I wasn't going to post this, but I figured, heh, why not? So here is another WIP. It's larger than the last one, this is 16x20, which is larger than anything I've done before. Oh, I decided to name the last painting "Meteor Fish" based on suggestions by Mindtwister and Brian. Thanks for the input guys!!

It's a little dark, but I was trying not to get a glare on it. It's a grey background with variations of pinks and purples with a set of angel wings in the center. The wings are highlighted with purple, but you can't really see it in this shot.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! My love ~Pinky!


I stole this! From PAVEL!!!

Thanks Pavel! This is cool! Either click over to his site, or go HERE to do it yourself. The big picture is really freaky!!


Finished, but I don't have a name for it yet

I finished my painting this morning and I wanted to show it off. I really like the way it turned out, especially the way it looks like the rain is bleeding. I'm feeling a TON better today, almost normal. I still can't do sprints in the yard, but then again, I couldn't do that before! HA! Hope that everyone is having a good day and I will stop by at all you houses later! HUGS! ~ Pinky!


On The Road to Recovery

The picture above is a work in progress. I had to do something today. Sitting around the house all day leads to depression, which leads to crying and telling Mr. Pinky to go away, then crying even more when he goes away, which leads to more depression because I told him to go away, do you see the pattern? I had to do something and my eyesight hasn't adjusted from the anesthesia yet so I didn't think trying to bead was a good idea. Painting worked and I'm feeling a lot better.

Well I have good, if not surprising, news. I do not have endometriosis. Not one little patch of it. Nope, endo free. Can you believe it? Neither could I! Which, is really good news, but it does make me wonder what is wrong with me. I know, I know, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I go back to the doctor on Monday, so I'll get more info then. But, the surgery hurt like hell, so I have been slow recouperating. I have large bruises on each hand. One on my right where they tried to put an I.V in and one on my left where they actually got the I.V. to go in. Not fun for me!! I've got a few more holes poked in my belly and I discovered that sneezing does indeed move stomach muscles. However, the anesthesia guy worked wonders in making sure I didn't get sick. Usually I puke my head off after surgery and this is the only one that I didn't do that! He must of had good drugs because I don't remember Monday or Tuesday very well.

I've been thinking of everyone and Mr. Pinky has been reading your comments to me, which has been a bright light for me. I cannot thank you all enough. It really has helped me in my recovery and even though I know I shouldn't have been blog hopping, I just missed everyone so bad! I've still got a few more days of kicking back, but I did want to post and let everyone know what was going on. Thank you for everything!!

((((((((((BIG HUGS ))))))))))



This is going to be short and sweet, I've been up too long today as is. Thank you all a million times over for your love, thoughts and prayers. I did indeed write your names down and repeated them in my head over and over when I was going under. It is a great comfort to know that you were all there, in one way or another.

Surgery went well, recovery is a little slow. But, I'm getting there. I'm going to go snuggle back up to the sofa but I wanted to say hello. Mr. Pinky will probably do another update. I'm sneaking this one in because he's at the store. Okay, my loves, I gotta go. ~Pinky.


A Time To Pause

Do me a favor and click the link to watch something that moves me. It' s been playing in my head for a few days now and it stirs something in my spirit. It seems to give me a strength that is different from what I normally feel.

I just wanted everyone to know that I appreciate every email and phone call. You are all very dear to me and it has meant more than you could know. The love and concern is almost more than I can bear. I'm just not used to it. Funny, I know, but it's true. I feel so many things tonight that I don't know if I have all the words to describe them. I wish that I could have all of you there with me, so a dear friend made a suggestion. He thought I should write all your names down on a piece of paper so that I could hold onto you before I go into surgery. I'm going to do just that.

I'm going to carry your thoughts, your love, concern and the whisper of every quiet prayer. I know that it will lighten my heart and give me the strength that I need. I don't know what will come of tomorrow but I do know because of all of you, I will not be alone to walk forward. In my heart, I know that I can face this uncertain future and that I can turn to you when I need to cry or yell or laugh or dance. This gift of friendship, that so many of you have freely given, is more precious than any jewel and will be treasured by me. Thank you all. As soon as I can, I will let you know that, one way or another, I am okay.

My Love ~Pinky!



OH! I have been a busy bee cleaning in the house. Actually, I moved all the furniture in the den yesterday. Not a bad thing, but my GIANT antique, solid mahogany wardrobe was a tad heavy. Heh. I broke down and told my hubby about the party. I know! Don't fuss. I had a reason for that. Lord love him, but he doesn't care that much about cleaning, picking up, doing laundry, I've never seem him sweep and he piles dishes to the ceiling without a thought. He could live that way forever! It's hard enough picking up after them on a daily basis, but with people coming over, well that changes things. So, I told him about it hoping that it would get his cleaning butt in gear. IT WORKED!!! He doesn't mind being messy when it's just us, but you don't let your friends see that. (dumb if you think about it, but most of us do it.)

Also, I wanted everyone to know that I got your emails yesterday and they meant a lot to me. In fact, I've gotten several emails from friends helping me to understand the endometriosis and the affects it has had for them. I'm so sorry that I haven't responded, I guess I just couldn't. I hope you know how much you all mean to me. I appreciate your love, concern and just plain well wishes. Some of you ladies have provided me with some personal stories and it helped me get my mind around it. That was wonderful of you and I thank you for sharing that part of your life with me. I've been counting down the days until the surgery and everything that you have shared, sent, made me laugh or made me think has been dear to my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Well, I better get back to cleaning! I have to sweep the computer room and that's never a fun job. Perhaps I should arrange the wires under my desk a little better. In the meantime, I'm off to clean and set up for a party! WOO!! I'll have to take a picture of the "cake" for you. My hubby doesn't like cake, but he LUVS Reese cups. So, I'm making a tower of them and putting candles at the top of the tower. Should be interesting! Hugs and love!! ~Pinky!


The Road Less Traveled

After I dropped my daughter off for school this morning, I did something different. I didn't take the left that would take me home, I drove straight ahead. I was questioning what I was doing, but I felt a pull to just drive. I love driving, the freedom of it. Darting down roads that are familiar and cruising down ones that are new. I knew the road I was headed to and as soon as I became aware of what lay ahead, I needed to be on that road.

A death trap of gravel and mud with twist and turn and one terribly old and small bridge smack dab in the middle of the run. I longed for it, to see the plumes of dust unfurl behind the car. To hear the droning sound of rubber careening over rock. To feel that pang of guilt because I was in the Jeep and not my ratty Camry, knowing that my husband would be a tad angry, with a touch of admiration, that his wife could maneuver such a winding and dangerous road with finesse.

I wanted to drive fast down it, like I always do. Too fast. Feel that drop between pavement and gravel that always jarred my teeth just a bit. Approach that old metal bridge with child-like glee in my heart because I know if you go over it too fast, your car will leave the ground for just a moment. In that moment, you feel nothing. Not one thing but perhaps freedom. Then when you land, your stomach takes a second to catch back up to the rest of you and it is glorious.

I know the deep curve where the gravel is thick. I know the dips where the mud can grab you like a monster in the night. I wanted to feel the Jeep swing and curve beneath me. I wanted to settle down that road with abandon and maybe, just maybe, leave some worry with the trailing dust behind me.

But the road is gone. Oh, it's still there, in a matter of ways, but it has been paved. There is no more gravel, no more mud and dust. No more freedom flight over the bridge. When I came to the end of the road, I took the left and headed home.



Sorry I haven't been around much today. I've got a lot on my mind and I'm trying to put this house in order before Monday. Also, I'm planning a birthday surprise for my husband. Last year, I was terribly ill on his birthday. This year, I'll be recovering from surgery. So, I'm trying to pull off a little get together for this Saturday. I've got some new work to show you, but I won't post until tomorrow. I hope you all have a lovely day! HUGS!! ~Pinky!