I haven't forgotten about everyone!

Life is just waaaaaay more busy than I thought it would be. Coming up on the Christmas season at work, balancing 2 kids, trying not to go crazy and all the time, being happy for a five minute shower whenever I can snag it. It's crazy, but amazing.

Miss Pinks as "Fancy Nancy" for Halloween at school. She went as a vampire that night, but my camera was being contrary and I don't have shots of that yet. Had to take it with a real camera! One that has film in it! The horror!!!

Mr. Man being snuggly while I work. He's hiding in there somewhere!

That's it, not much else is going on. I'm looking for a "new to me" car and some more staff for the holidays. One search is going better than the other! HA! Hope all is well and I'll try to get by blogs soon. HUGS and LOVE!!!