It's going to be a long one

A long post that is. I haven't posted a decent blog in forever. I get so worn down by all the stuff that I have been doing so I just run by here and throw up a picture and say I'm done! WOO, aren't you happy? No? You need more? Well, so do I.

It's freaking cold here and it's only going to get colder so TamiD and I decided not to work on the other house today. Okay, I decided and told her we weren't working because it's cold and I'm being a baby about it. But, I did finally get around to organizing some of the house pictures and I thought I would share. Some are still works in progress and some are finished. The big room doesn't have crap all over it now. And I'm not showing you the kitchen because I want that to be a surprise! (click on the pictures if you want to make 'em bigger!)Here we go:

This is the foyer. So when you come in this is what you would see. I'm so in love with this color that if I got divorced I would marry it. That's love, baby.

Next up is the big room! It's huge but there is so much stuff in it in this picture, it's hard to tell. So ignore the kitchen cabinets and notice that the walls aren't sickly green anymore!! They are khaki but we still have to do the trim. in oil base. blech.

Next up is the downstairs bath. I'm skipping a few rooms, but that's okay, the bathroom is finished!! In fact, it was the first one I got done! (the pic on the right is what it used to look like)

On to the stairs and up to the hallway, in two part. The first picture is what you see when you come up the stairs and the second one is all the storage tucked in. Sweet.

Bedrooms: ours, guest and Baby Pinky! I bet you can't guess which one is hers...

Since some of these have been taken, there have been accessory additions. Also, we don't have the new floors in so the carpet is going to be a different color and all downstairs it's going to be this beautiful bamboo. I'm skipping some rooms, but they aren't all fancy. I haven't showed you hubby's den or my studio partly because his den isn't changing and my studio hasn't even been started on!! But there are these sweet little things that make this house awesome without ever having to do a thing to it. Things like:

A laundry chute, a HUGE laundry room complete with industrial sinks, a 2 car garage, and so many cool light fixtures that are original to the house.

So that's pretty much it. When all is said and done, we would have painted every room in the house except for one. Yeah, that's a lot of painting. I'm sick of painting. BUT, I want to move into this awesome house, so painting I will continue to do. Next on the house agenda is the upstairs bathroom:

Yeah, that's going to be some work. Okay, I'm outta here! It's taken me forever to do this post! Sheesh!! Hope that everyone is having a good day! OH! I forgot, I did a blog interview with Amber but I don't know when she is going to post it. Check her blog out anyway, she's got some cooooool stuff on there! My love ~Pinky!


Not nice.

It's not nice to spill hot tea all over one's self. It is also not nice to spill it in the computer chair and in the floor.

Not nice at all...

Updated not nice's:

When your six year old openly admits that she wasn't listening to you at all. Nope, not one word was heard.

It's also not nice to go over to work on the other house and not be able to get in. Even though you shove the door in six different directions while pleading and cursing the key still refuses to disengage the lock. NOT NICE!

It's not nice when the screen door rakes across TamiD's ankle leaving DNA evidence on the bottom of said door.

It is, however, very NICE to come home and see that Amber has bought a pair of earrings from me. Not nice to have the cat claw me because I got excited about that.

It's going to be a long one guys... very, heavy sigh.


If The Sun Cried

New Earrings
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Hearts On Fire

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New Earrings

by: Pinky!
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Thank you Ann for sailing me past FIFTY sales!! That's PAST 50 folks!! WOO!!!!!

~*~THANK YOU!!!~*~


New Item

First Kiss
By: Pinky!!
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Blue Note

Blue Note
Originally uploaded by Pinky's Inspiration.
My newest piece and a little different photography. Let me know what you think!


Valentine's Day Special!

Love Me Tender by Pinky! (click the picture to go to straight to this item!)

As promised, I have something cool to tell you about! TamiD and Pinky have joined forces to host a Valentine's Day Special! Now through February 14th, when you buy a print from TamiD's shop, you will get a FREE pair of earrings from ME! She is listing four special flower prints and I have designed sterling silver hoop earrings to match the pictures. Just go to her shop and click the Valentines Day Special section she has listed!

ALSO, I will be having my own promo coming on Monday! New Items! New Pics! New all kinds of things! Okay, that last one lacked panache, but hey, I was trying! I'm probably going to take the weekend off to work on some jewelry, the other house and TamiD's birthday present. I'll check back in but be sure to see what I have listed on Monday and puh-leeze check out the pics in her shop. We'll be adding the other three tonight! Much love ~ Pinky!


Just wanted to say hi. Been super busy but I have something that I'm going to post later on today. Check back if you wanna! It's gonna be cool. PROMISE!!

In the meantime, I've put some new pieces in my shop! And more will be added today! Perhaps some Valentine's related items??

Okay, I have to walk out the door, I have a million things to do and here I am blogging!! I have an illness..... ~Pinky!


I freezy no more!!

YAY!! The heater man came yesterday and fixed the heat!! WOO for him! It was COLD in the house so I'm glad he could do it without ordering parts. AMBER made mine and TamiD's absolute day!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! HUGS and SMUSHES!!!

Sadly, I don't have much time to talk this morning and I hope that I can get by to look at some blogs, but right now it's crazy!! So, I have teasers for you guys until I get back:

One for Barngoddess:

Picture by TamiD.

Part of the Pony Series. Click the pic to check it out!

And this one for my jewelry fans:

Check my jewelry blog for more info, or just click the pic and go to my shop!

Okay, guys and dolls, I have to scoot. I gotta get Baby Pinky ready for school and the Tooth Fairy came to visit her last night, so I know she's going to be a little crazy this morning. HUGS and I will come visit today!! ~Pinky!


No Heat

Yeah, you read that right. The heat decided to go out in our house today. Not over the weekend when it was in the 70's, but tonight when the low is going to be around 20 degrees. SUCK, isn't even close.

So, Baby Pinky and I are staying at TamiD's house. See, I told you she was cool. I just stopped by home to pick up clothes and toothbrushes, so I don't know when I'll be online again. This is supposed to be the first hard cold that we have gotten all winter long. Wish us luck!!

Freeeeeezing my bootay off ~ Pinky!

p.s. go buy something! It will make me warm on the inside! :)


Go look!! Something New and Exciting!!

I'm sure that a few of you guys have heard me talk about my friend TamiD. She's the one that goes on most of the picture taking outings with me and she's the one that is helping me get house #2 looking super fantastic. In addition to being such a wonderful friend ( I called her once from a bathroom at a restaurant because I was having a panic attack and she TOTALLY made me feel better and then called me later so that she could give me an excuse to leave a very stressy situation. She's that cool. ) she is really talented. She makes pillows, blankets, all kinds of stunning flower arrangements, she paints ceramics and is an amazing photographer. Why am I telling you all of this? Because she just opened her own Etsy shop!!! Go by and show your support for such a wonderful woman. Big hugs and tons of love to you, Tami!! I'm so proud of you!!!!

This is one of the pictures she took! Amazing!!


Go check my jewelry blog for my latest piece!

YES! I actually finished a new piece!! Can you believe it? Here is a picture of one that I have been working on, but just haven't quite figured out what to do with the clasp.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! ~Pinky!


Welcome to the Dark Side

Okay, so I switched to the new Blogger. Yeah, I did it. But I'm not really sorry that I did. I have so many things that have my blog listed on them, like my jewelry cards and such, that it would be a real pain to change it this far along in the game. However, I did do something a little different. Click HERE to see what I'm talking about. I may not keep this, but we'll see. I think it looks super cool and if nothing else, Inspiration Comes Easy may get a new look. Just go see and let me know what you think.

I took pictures of house #2, but I haven't had time to really go through them. But, I thought I would show you what the outside looks like! Here you go:

Well, that's about it for tonight. I'm working on some jewelry, so I plan on adding more to my shop and including pictures here, too. Have a kickin' Friday night! ~Pinky!


I was bored. Stupid Blogthings...

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I have a serious crush on John Cusack. It's lasted about fifteen years now. Sigh...


Holy Crapola

My brother just posted this to his site today and I think it the absolute Bees Knees. Oh yeah, that's cool. He so super.


After Work Adventures

This is a shot of what used to be a ballistics lab at Mississippi State. My husband found it the other day and wanted me to see it because he knew I would have to take pictures! Sadly, we went after he got off work and the light was starting to fade out strange. I hope to go back this weekend and try to get some better shots.


Then he took me to this other part. It's a little creepy because you are right next to the campus, but this place is just stuck out in the woods. No one ever goes back in there, so it's full of vines and crazy looking trees. I asked him what it was and his best guess is that it used to be a water treatment facility. It looks like he's right but I can't wait to go back so that I can really explore it. Baby Pinky was with us and I don't get too crazy when she's out with me. Plus, if my hubby actually saw how dangerous I get when I'm taking pictures, well he might not be as cool with me running off anymore. heh, I don't need censorship!!



Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys know what I've been up to. Other than working in house #2. We figure that we have about 3 weeks more work to do and then, it will be done!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Can you tell I'm excited? If I don't forget, I'll take my camera over there so that I can get some updated pictures. I hope that eveyone has a good day!! My Love ~ Pinky!


I was Tagged, but I forgot about it!

I was tagged by both Madd and Diane a while ago to list the 6 Weird Facts about me, but I honestly forgot. I've been so caught up in other things, that it completely slipped my mind. So, here it goes:

1. I like to eat hot chocolate powder right from the package. Don't get me wrong, I love hot chocolate in drink form, but boy do I love to eat the powder.

2. Due to a birth defect, I can "pop" most of the bones in my body. Neck, back, toes, ankles, knees, jaw, fingers, tailbone, and well you get the idea. Also, I can dislocate a few at will! AND my elbows bend back too far so that when I hold my arm out straight, my hand actually drops a few inches below my elbow. Kinda gross.

3. I almost always know who is calling before I ever answer the phone.

4. When I am grocery shopping, I can guess how much the bill is going to be within one dollar of the actual amount. It's become a game with me and the checkout people at Kroger!

5. I can cross one eye so that it looks like I have a lazy eye. I can do this on either eye and can sometimes, if I practice, do it rapidly so that my eyes end up darting in multiple directions.

6. I can still do very good cartwheels! Even though that's not a weird fact, I don't know anyone else that can still do them!

Okay, I think that's it. I'm sure that I have more weird and strange things about me, but most of them are just neuroses that I have. A little OCD goes a long way. Have a Happy Monday!



Go Dawgs



For Baby Pinky!

Funny pictures for your MySpace

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"Hello, My name is Can't Breathe Through Her Nose. How are you?"

Some of you know that I've been a little under the weather lately. Well, I swear I think I'm getting better during the day and then as soon as I try to go to sleep, WHAM! I feel like I'm drowning in boogers and coughing. I know that's nasty, but it's true!! I'm even getting into a morning routine: get up, feel the snot start running, blow my nose for twenty minutes, have a hacking coughing fit, brush my teeth and go downstairs. For most of the day I feel fine so I'm getting really tired of being ill.

Onto other not so nasty news....

I've been watching a lot of movies lately so that's been on my mind. We went to the movies and saw Rocky Balboa and I highly suggest seeing it. It's a trip through the years and ends like it should, not with the turd that Rocky V was. Sorry, but it's true. Also, Lady in the Water is a MUST see!! They make it seem like it's all scary, but it's not. It's a wonderful story and well, I just loved it. I've also seen American Psycho ( I know, I'm behind on movies) and Pulse. Both were neat, but neither one was really scary. AS was a little in the gory department, but it's cool to see such a hottie like Christian Bale turn into a psychopath. He's very good at it...

I have managed to finish one piece of jewelry that wasn't for a present! YAY!!!!! I have to take some pictures of it and I'm trying to figure out how to finish working in the other house, manage my jewelry business, rear my daughter, take care of the house I live in now and not go absolutely insane. Or, end up sick again. ahem. Ahhhhh, the balance of adulthood. Whatever I figure out, I have to make more time for me to chill out. I've been pushing myself too hard. Even when I don't feel well, I push myself too hard. I cleaned out my car the other day! Even the trunk and I can tell you that hasn't been done in years! Should I have been out there in the cold, damp air cleaning out my car? Well, of course not! But I did because it needed to get done. I didn't go to bed utill midnight last night because I was trying to clean up in the house.

I know, I've got to slow down but sometimes, I don't feel like I do enough. In fact, I never feel like I do enough. I always think something hasn't gotten done and that I've not accomplished enough because of it. I suppose part of it is because I'm trying to be this Super Housewife when I have never been that before. I always cleaned what I could around working and being a single mom. I guess that now that I'm not "working" I have to have a Martha Stewart home and be perfect all the time and that's just not me. Hell, I don't even like Martha Stewart!! I dunno but I'll figure it out sooner or later. If any of you have tips, pass them on. Hope all is well and my love to you all. ~Pinky!