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I swear, I don't know what I did to get such an amazing little girl. Really, I just hope I did it again for my son. My kids are awesome and I haven't even met all of them yet.

Here it is!!!

(taken at a slight angle so as to not look so giant!)


I'm still kicking... barely

Well, folks, it seems as if this pregnancy has really knocked me down for the count. Last week, hubs and I went to the Dr. on an impromptu visit. Needless to say, we were there a while. I'd been hurting for a day and a half and it hadn't stopped even with me being a sloth and laying around. I was concerned that this little baby was trying to show up a little early. Thankfully, I an not in pre-term labor, but I do have Round Ligament Pain. Basically, all the ligaments that surround my uterus and run up the sides of my stomach are inflamed. It happens in some pregnancies and our son is BIG, so the Dr. wasn't that surprised it happened to me.

Here's where it gets fun. There is nothing they can do for it other than pain meds. The doc said, "round ligament pain hurts!" He also pointed out that it won't get any better any time soon. Because the baby is getting bigger, so am I and so the ligaments get pulled even more. The best thing to do is lay around like a beached, pregnant whale for the next nine weeks. I can do whatever I want, this doesn't in any way affect the baby, but I have to be willing to deal with some pain if I want to keep running around like I have been.

Of course, pain is temporary and I have a tendency to push things too far, so you know at some point, I'll hurt myself again. The doc did say that the baby is already at least FOUR POUNDS! With 2 months still to go, he's gonna be a big one. That's okay, hubs just wants to know what school he's going to play football for. HA!

I don't seem to have any tummy shots for you!!! I'm going to have to take one because I am, hold on to your chairs, four feet around! Yep!! The circumference of my tummy is four, freaking, feet!!!! Craziness. I'll try to take a shot today and let you all see the jumbo baby! Well, I do have to go to work for a little bit this morning, so I better go. Hugs and love and I miss you guys a lot.



Something Cool for the Whole Family

A while back, Hubs and I were driving on backroads through Mississippi when we passed what we thought was a giant movie screen. After turning around in someone's driveway, we made it back and indeed! It was a giant movie screen! We had found a Drive In Movie Theater! And it was in operation!! OMG! For nearly 2 years, 5 bucks a piece would find us an hour from home and watching double features on a giant drive in movie screen. We saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Batman Begins and a slew of other movies that we either laughed at, gasped at, or talked avidly about on the way home. Watching a car load of teenage girls scream their heads off: priceless.

Every Thursday I would call the movie line to see what was showing. We would make plans, gas up the car and head out. Until one weekend I called and it was closed early. Then, I called again the next weekend and I got the dreaded "beep, beep, beep! We're sorry, this number has been temporarily disconnected." Hubs and I were upset, to say the least. We thought maybe they had just closed down for the winter months. I tried again in the Spring and I didn't even get the "temporary" message. Our drive in was gone.

I honestly thought about crying. Hubs and I enjoy the movies, but not all the people, the price, the overinflated everything. At the drive in, we paid FIVE DOLLARS each to watch 2 movies. New movies! Drinks were a buck and candy was still fifty cents, if you can even believe in such a world. The old speaker boxes didn't work, but they broadcast the movie on a FM line, so you tuned in on your car radio. If you have a giant sub woofer and loud speakers, like we do in the Jeep, well then you were in for quite a show. We would leave it tuned in while we drove away so that you could still hear the movie music while driving down the road. Man, I miss that place.

Yesterday, we were in a town close to where the drive in had been and I said to Hubs, "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if the drive in was open again!" We both agreed that it would be really cool, but I had lost that number to a cell phone change a year ago. I came home a little sad all over again. But by some oddity in the world, things changed direction for me. I was reading a Better Homes and Gardens article about things to do during the summer. I had skimmed it a few times, saw about the zoos, thought " yeah, I should do that" then opened the article all the way. Tucked in the crease of the page was a title that said "Go To A Drive In Movie"! Wow, was I stunned! Even better than that was this link right here: www.driveinmovie.com. If you click that link, you will be taken to a current listing of every known drive in across the United States!

And I found quite a few left here in Mississippi. Not ours, sadly, it has gone dark. But there is history about a lot of the places still left and all kinds of information. So, grab the kids, waste some gas and go do something that will build awesome memories. I know we will!!


Have you noticed...

Just how hot it is? Maybe it's because I have become a human incubator that I feel this way, but OMG it's so freaking hot. I have, apparently, hit that point in my pregnancy. The one where I tell myself that it's not so bad while the sweat runs down my bra. Nice, I know, but there it is. I already have one child born in September, did I not learn my lesson then? No, no I did not.

Other than that, I've been nesting like a loon. (get it, loons are birds? oh, forget it) But I did have to take apart the new baby's crib and send the bolts back to the company to wait on a voucher so that I can get another one. Now, his room looks empty and weird. Also, Hubs and I have yet to find another crib that we like as much as the one that was recalled. I'm sure we'll think of something.

I'm making valances for his room and a nursing hider for me. They wanted 40 bucks for one that I found online and that just seemed silly to me. Also, they are called Hooter Hiders and there is NO way I can pay money from something called that. So I bought material for $4.44 and am making it myself! Cool, huh?

Oh, what do you guys want to call the baby? I can't seem to figure that out. Baby Pinky just reminds me of my daughter, not my son. He needs something manly, what do you think? Suggestions welcome.

Well, my ex will be here soon to pick up Miss Pinks, so I better scoot. Have a happy Sunday!


I know, I've been absent

And I was going to show you a picture, but it was crappy. So I'm just stopping in to say hello, instead.