It's been a month? What? NO! you've got to be kidding me!

Well, I guess it really has. I've just been so swamped with work and family that I barely spend any time on the computer. Even now, I've got to go get Miss Pinks in the bed. I'm posting a pic for you guys since, believe it or not, Mr. Man is already 6 months old! Holy Crapola! He's getting so big and is doing more and more every day. Amazing little bugger. Well, he's not really little. He wears 18 months and up, but it isn't all pudge! He's LOOOONG! Big baby! LOVE HIM TO PIECES!!

Here is one of his Sissy feeding him imaginary food:

It was really sweet! He loves her so much.

I've got lots going on and a sleepy little girl that just fussed at me for not tucking her in, so I better go. I hope all is well out in the world. Hugs, love and all that jazz...