I'm awake, and I don't really want to be, but I've got lots of pictures to share!

I don't know what's gotten into me! I've been sleeping well lately, but my hip started hurting tonight and I just HAD to get out of the bed. Remember how I told you all about my knee problems? Well, it doesn't affect just my knees, it gets a lot of my bones and since I have been preggers with the Pod, my hip is acting up. It's quite irritating, to be honest, because it only acts up really bad on days when I have already felt bad and have been lying down. I took some Tylenol earlier today and I don't want to take anymore, so I guess I'll just have to stick it out.

I will share a sneak into some of my new jewelry! I wanted to make a lot more today, but it just didn't happen. Miss Pinky has decided (after a little mom persuasion) to move into what used to be the guest bedroom. She gets a great, big bed and a MUCH larger room. She's decided to let the Pod take her smaller room. Especially since we bought her a neon pink, satin bedspread, she's all good. But, I did a little too much moving stuff over. Jewelry preview!

There are actually three new pieces in this group. And a sideways shot of my messy work area. I really like the way the necklace turned out. It's a bold piece without being overbearing with color. I think with the natural shells it's a much more elegant design. I also connected the pieces together with an unusual technique. I'm reopening the store Monday, April 7th, so stop by and see all the new stuff!

Okay, I know that I told you a while back about a dining room suit that hubs' grandmother left him when she passed. Well, we finally got it moved into the house! I'm still cleaning on it, but it's so beautiful and ornate!! I really didn't think I would like something with this much detailing, but it's really gorgeous. Pictures!

These are the side chairs and one of the captain's chairs. The leather on the seats is worn a little thin, but for being and 80 year old set, I think it looks pretty swell! Here is the buffet:

I just think this piece is magnificent. The way the front comes out to a point is just beautiful to me. Plus, all the detail in the woodwork is downright amazing. Here are some close ups:

The buffet

Side Chair

Captain's Chair

A dear friend of mine loaned me this miracle cleaner/waxer to use on the furniture and it truly is amazing. I know with all the detail, the chairs will take me forever to polish and clean, but they are going to be so gorgeous when they are done. Here is the set together. Ignore my naked walls! i have things that are going there, I just haven't gotten that far yet. You can see the side chest (?) peeking out in the corner. I couldn't seem to get a great shot, but you get the idea. When the leaves are pulled out, it sits 8 comfortably.

I guess that's it! I had a lot more to say than I thought. huh. I hope you enjoyed all the shots and have a wonderful day!



Miss Pinky's Picture

This is one of my favorites. Can you tell me what it is?

It's been a week already???

Wow, time just slipped on by me. We had a great time going back home for the weekend and I think hubs enjoyed not having us around for a few days. We all needed a break. I also got some really great deals on a crib and changing table! WOO! Very excited about that. The crib I got looks like this, but the ends are open like the sides, not closed off.

I think it's going to look awesome!!!

I've been busy running around the house, getting work done at the shop and pouring over resumes for new employees. Not much fun, but I'm hoping there will be a few good ones in the group. Oh, I totally forgot! I went by Hobby Lobby and bought a gazillion new beads!!! I'm going to have a destash section in my new shop because I have some I just know I won't use anymore. I tell myself that so I won't feel bad about buying so many new beads. But! They are sooooooooooo gorgeous!!! EXCITEMENT!! I'm hoping to get to work with them some today.

Well, I have bunches to get done this morning, but I wanted to stop in and see how everyone was doing. Hope all is well in the cyber world!


If you have EVER owned a cat.

Headed out for the long weekend! Hope you all have a happy one!!


"Do the day and let the day do you."

See what I've got in my hands? Yeah, well that's what I've been up to lately. Actually, I've been up to a lot, this has just been the last few. I have to tell you, I bought this book based off recommendations from BarnGoddess. It's been a while since I bought a King book, just fell out of favor I guess. This one made up the time. I was enthralled the whole time. I laughed more times than I could count, cried just a few and fell head over heels in love with some of the characters. GREAT book and I highly recommend it, too. Seriously, it's badass.

Other than that, Miss Pinks was out of school for Spring Break and partied with my parents. On Thursday, I picked her up and we went and test drove a van. I'm going to need some more space before I know it.

On Friday, man we had a busy one. She went to work with me, then we went on campus (Spring Break! NO STUDENTS!!!) and ate at Chick-Fil-A, then went roller skating! She did, not me. Two (long) hours later, we left and went to our favorite book store. Bought some new books, ordered some more and then hit up the grocery store. Let me tell you, it's been a while since I packed that much into a day. I was WHIPPED!

Saturday, I pulled my back vacuuming, that sucked. So, I got to lay around like a princess and demand food be brought to me! That, was cool.

We chilled out Sunday, getting ready to go back to school. I let Miss Pinks take my camera and she took 151 pictures! Some of them were really good, some of them a little blurry. I'll share some later this week. Monday was St. Paddy's! I didn't do anything, but Miss Pinks wore green all they way down to her undies! She would faint if she knew I put that in here! HA! My friend and her little girl came over and we talked and talked and talked and talked. We talk a lot and that's just fine with me.

Today, I finished my book, then wandered around the house because I wasn't ready for it to be over. Then, I cleaned the doors and windows, picked up Miss Pinks and now I'm chillin'. I think I'll go snack on something. Hope you all had a good one! (or few, since it's been a little bit.)


New Work!

I think I've got the background and lighting that I want to make me okay with my pictures. I did these this morning. I've been scoping out how the sun comes in and seeing what seems to be the best time of day. I like to use natural light if possible. Up first, a silly painting I did called "Mad Fran". I don't know what she's so mad about, but I wouldn't ask her! I may end up doing more in this series. Cheap paintings done with acrylic, but lots of fun!

Mad Fran

I have this crocheted cuff that I did. It's in a lovely plum colored chenille. VERY soft. I couldn't figure out what to do for a button and then I remembered I had this great snowflake. I made it so that the cuff gets smaller as it goes around, so that it ends in a point. I'm liking asymmetrical lately.

Next up is a funky pair of earrings that I did a while back, I just had to decide if I like them or not. I do. Black disks balanced on burgundy wire with an few cool dangles at the top. They hang about one and a half inches. (they are a little dusty in the picture. sorry about that!)

I had purchased beads to be in a winter beading challenge, but after I found out about the Pod, then got so sick with the Pod, I didn't get to finish the challenge. So, I dismantled the piece I was working on and made this really pretty memory wire bracelet. Full of Czech beads, frosted beads, pressed flowers and faceted glass. I think this one turned out quite beautiful.

Last, but not least, my absolute favorite. I may create one for me. This is a red leather cuff that has been machine stitched down one side and clasps in front with an awesome hook and eye closure. I sewed the hook on by hand, not easy in leather! Very modern style, but oh so silky on. Look!!

On my fuzzy arm!

So, that's what's the newest! I really luuuuuuuv that last cuff. LOVE! I've got some other crochet pieces in the works, but it's going to be 70 degrees here today, it's hard to get motivated on some of those. And, since my machine sewed so easily through that leather, I have a pieced together cuff that I want to do. Well, I've got to get up to the office and do some paperwork. I hope you all have enjoyed the new product preview!! Have a Happy Hump Day!!


We had SNOW on Saturday!

I know all my Northern friends are laughing at this paltry amount, but for Mississippi, this is pretty great! We had a little more than this, but I waited a while before I took the pictures. the first one is of the hay bales and bamboo in the very back yard. It stayed snowy there the longest! The second one is my bushes out front. The picture with the red berries covered in snow wouldn't load, but it's soooo pretty.

After all that hoopla, it's going to be in the mid to high 60's today. We have bi- polar weather in the South. Snow one morning, high of 60 the next day. It's messed up.

Not much is going on here. Found some really cute shirts that aren't maternity, but are cut like maternity that look super cute on. In fact, nearly all the stuff that I've got for maternity is NOT maternity. It's all the babydoll and flowy stuff they are making in juniors. So, I get to look cute AND be pregnant. I'm still on the lookout for material for the clothes I'm going to make. I found the cutest little cow pattern the other day and thought that would be hilarious!! It was purple with happy little cows all over it. C'mon, you have to admit that it would be funny. I may have to go back and get that.

Miss Pinky is out of school on Spring Break and is happily playing with the grandparents. I miss her and was more than a little pouty about her going this time. I wanted to keep her all to myself, but that's not nice. She's coming home on Thursday and we're going rolling skating on Friday. By "we" I mean "her". I don't think I need to do that. Since the house is empty, I think I'm going to treat myself to a movie today. They show matinées during Spring Break and I've been wanting to go. I have tons of house work to do, but it's not like it won't be there tomorrow!

Well, I hope that everyone has a good day. Do lots of fun stuff and I'll chat at you soon!
(sneak preview Wednesday on the new jewelry and stuff for my shop!)




OMG! I'm so excited about this!! Yesterday I bought a pattern and some material and I made this!

I made this dress for Miss Pinky, TODAY! Ir's been a while since a sewing machine and I had a relationship, but I must say, so far so good. I am SO proud of myself!! WOOO! Now I'm really excited that I bought maternity patterns. This was my test run and it turned out perfect.

I'm going to post pics on Flickr! Hope everyone has a great night!!


Wearing Down the Batteries

We're having some pretty big storms tonight, as most of the U.S. is, so I've got my laptop unplugged and I know I'm just sucking the life out of the battery, but I can't sleep, so I can plug it in later. I bought a new banner for my shop today and I'm pretty happy with the way it looks. It's very "me". I've also been working on some new items but the weather hasn't been very good for taking photos.

My only concern about the re-vamp of the shop is that I'm really diversifying. I am not just going to put my jewelry in there, but I worry that if I add too many things, no one will know what I'm really selling. At the same time, I am capable of doing more things than just my jewelry and I need a place to put them. I guess I won't know until I try it out. I'm hoping to have it up in a few weeks.

I actually went to work for more than an hour today! WOO!! You guys have no idea what an accomplishment that is. This pregnancy has been a lot harder on me that I wanted to admit, but I've been on bed rest for nearly a month now. NOT FUN. I'm finally starting to get better, but time will tell. Anyhoo, I went to the store to do paperwork, general admin crap and realize that I really do have to start looking for a manager and another part time employee. I'm not looking forward to that manager business. It's my desk, with my things, done my way and dammit, I like it just fine like that. I know I need someone to be there everyday, but I keep putting it off because the store is still my baby. It's still my project and I'm not ready to just hand it off to someone else.

I was sitting at my desk today and even admitted out loud that I don't want to hire anyone because I don't want them sitting at MY desk. It's selfish and I don't see how I'm going to work full time once the Pod is here. The only person I trusted keeping Miss Pinky doesn't work at a daycare anymore, and there isn't anyone else I'd leave my kids with for majority of the day. Well, I would with a friend of mine, but she's preggo too and already has one that's just over a year, plus a 13 year old. She's got enough on her plate.

So, I guess in the morning, I'll go put an ad in the local paper and see what I can do about my staff and somehow prepare myself for more changes than I'm ready for.