Today is the Baby Shower AND my little girl is finally coming home!!!!!! She's been partying with the grands, but OMG, I HAVE MISSED HER SO MUCH!!!

I'll tell you all about the loot the baby gets later. HUGS and LOVE!


Ya know...

It really sucks when your baby crib is recalled. Especially when you like it as much as I do. And they won't let you buy another one at any other store but the one you got it from and the nearest one is two and a half hours away.

I'm really tired..... and I really miss my baby girl.


Oh, vacation, how I need you so...

You know, I never put much stock into the whole Friday the 13th thing, but yesterday sucked! It was terrible from the moment I got up. I'll spare you all the gory details, however I will let you know that all in one day; I had serious stomach ailments, my computer at work ATE my accounting software, the mechanics/ car rental folks all stunk and Shadow had to be taken to the vet. BAD DAY.

Luckily, yesterday is followed by today. Where in just a few short hours, we will be on our way to Orange Beach, AL for our annual family vacation. Hubs and I aren't staying for the whole week like we usually do, but that's still cool. We need to get some stuff done here and Miss Pinks will still get to party with the rest of the fam. Needless to say, I'm exhausted, but excited.

I plan on taking my laptop so I will still be able to check in. You didn't really think that I could leave for almost a week and not have any way of communication with work, friends, etc.? Okay, so I've done it before, but I need to be in touch with work, so you get the bonus. And, maybe you'll get some pictures, too.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Father's Day to all you super dads! HUGS!!



Things you may want to buy...

A Pretty Industry

In The Swing of Things


Just some of my more recent things that I have listed. You can click the picture to go right to the listing. Cool, huh? I figured you guys would want to know that I'm doing more than just being pregnant. HUGS!!!


Holy Crap, It's June ALREADY!?!

Man, time is flying by and I'm trying to be prepared for it. Doing work stuff at work and seeing what all I can transfer to home, getting my staff prepared for my departure. I've also been doing some massive clean outs at home. I want streamlined, easy. I had this dream last night that I gave birth to 24 pound twin boys that could walk within 3 day of birth. It was horrible!! Talk about a nightmare! I wanted to take a picture of me yesterday so you could see how huge I'm getting, but I was worn out. No picture for you!!

Not much else is going on. I've got to take photos of some of my new jewelry, but that's about it. I hope everyone is well. I'll make rounds today and check in. Hugs, love and all the smushy crap.