this made it all better

a father and a son caught in a moment of joy and laughter. thanks roy, this is spectacular.


i took off work yesterday for no real reason so i was ready and willing to come to work today! yeah!!
it's terribly slow and boring today. plus, it's pretty outside and i would much rather be playing. side note: do you think i will go to hell if i mutter "fuck off" under my breath at the secretary of the christian school my daughter is attending? i was having a craptacular morning and every time she calls me by the wrong name and i have to remind her, again, of my actual name, well i get pissed. and i was in no mood for it this morning.
what gets me about it is how many people make excuses for her. they all say the same thing, "your daughter's last name is (blank) so she thinks your last name should be (blank) as well." know what i think? i think that's narrowminded crap. assuming, especially in this day and time, that the child and mother would have the same last name is archaic and foolish. not to mention the fact that I HAVE TOLD HER ON AT LEAST HALF A DOZEN OCCASIONS THAT SHE IS CALLING ME BY THE WRONG DAMN NAME!
so, naturally, this morning when she waved bye to me and said "Bye, Mrs. (wrong-name)" i could not stop myself from smiling and swearing at her under my breath. which is better than getting out of the car and slapping her and wringing her neck all the while screeching that my name is not Mrs. (wrong-name) it's Mrs. (right-name) like i really, really wanted to do.



i was sitting here at work doing nothing but playing chuzzle and remembered that i haven't updated my blog in forever. lazy me. so, here are the exciting things of the day:
1.) i got new glasses, but since the people that work at the lab are incompetent fools, my glasses are wrong.
2.)i got new sunglasses and those are cool.
3.) i answered the phone "Narcotics" like i always do and there was stunned silence on the other end of the phone. i explained to the poor misdialer that shock is a common reaction to my answering the phone and that it was to be expected. he laughed that semi-nervous laugh and then said, "well, i'd like to order a dime of weed. oh, wait, you don't sell it. right?"
happy friday!



today is the kind of day that i would love to be sitting on the porch, rocking in a chair and sipping iced tea. the wind is blowing, light music is playing in the background and i would love to be anywhere but where i am...at work.

days like today are rare and wondrous. if you can, enjoy it. take your children out to play, dance with your partner in the sun and live fully, completely and with wild abandon. let the wind style your hair and be grateful for this day.



sorry about the lack of posting, i have been out of town and nuts with work. i have lots of updates which i will post later. just wanted to let you all know i'm alive and kicking!!