One Day Blog Silence



I HIT 100 SALES!! OMG!!!!



Taking a break...

It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I have to take a blog break. We'll be finished with the house next week, they will be delivering the new fridge, the counter tops in the kitchen will be going in and I've got to get moving, literally. I find that I am on the computer less and less and although I'm trying to keep up with my Etsy Shop, I'm still lacking there.

Next Saturday, the 28th, will be my one year anniversary on Etsy and I'm trying to get to 100 sales by then. I have 95 as of today, so I've been focusing on promoting my shop so that I can reach my goal. Which also means that when I'm not working on house #2, I'm making new jewelry.

I've tried to get by and see what's been going on at all my daily haunts, but there just isn't enough time for me to get it all done. Hopefully, I'll be back into a routine soon but for now, I've got to log off. Everyone will be in my thoughts, as they are on a continuous basis, I just won't be able to stop by and say hey as often as I would like. If you want me to post pictures of my new jewelry, leave me a note in the comments and I'll see what I can do. See you soon...

Hugs-N-Luv ~ Pinky!


Newest Member of the family

There was this cat that started showing up at our house. Super friendly, really sweet and so thin you could feel every rib in her little body. My husband broke his rule and brought her food. Food turned to water, then he left his work shirt outside so she could sleep on it. He started coming in from work and looking for her the second he got home. Then, he made her a little house in the garage because it was going to be raining and cold. You see the process here.

Today, we took her to the vet, got her all checked out and officially adopted the pretty little stray. Please welcome, Princess Shadow!!

Sleeping in the garage!

Looking pretty in my chair!

Pretty eyes! Sweet face.

She has HUGE kitty feet! HUGE!!!

There you have it! Princess Shadow has now become a member of the Pinky Family! Roswell, however, is not to keen on having a new sister. We're working on that. heh.


More New Work!

Drama Queen
by: Pinky!
Already in my shop, just click the picture to go there!!
I hope that everyone is doing well and I will chat with you soon! We're supposed to get some really severe weather this weekend so I will try to come by, but I don't know that I'll get to be on the computer much. HUGS and tons of love!! ~Pinky!


New Work!

Summer Glow
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Diddy, don't look!

I told my dad that I wouldn't post new pictures because he had to come over to see the house. BUT, I wanted to show you guys, so maybe he won't look. I doubt it, but maybe. We've got 2 new rugs, one for the living room one for the dining room, a new sectional sofa, the blinds are up (they're bamboo, too) and I got a cool new privacy screen and lamp. So here are the pictures to show you. Oh, yeah, I still have to make the draperies, so there will be something there soon. Also, I have boo-coodles of art that is going in there. This is just the nice bones of the it all. Ignore my hubby, he wouldn't move for the shots.

New Sectional!!
I'm going to recover the throw pillows, they are a little light colored for the room. They need a little more punch to them, I just haven't found the right fabric.

Rug in the living room part. It's snuggly!!!

Detail of the privacy screen. We had planned on using this as it is intended, but when we hauled it out of the box at 56kgs, we decided to put it behind the sofa. It's really, really pretty and filled that blank space nicely. (and I don't have to try to move it ever again)

Dining room rug. We are getting the dining room set from Grandma C that passed away not too long ago. It's oak with very intricate carvings in it. I'll post pictures of that once I clean it and we get it settled.

Okay! There you are!! I finished wallpapering the kitchen, the new counter top in the bathroom went down, I organized Miss Pinky's room so that we just have to plop her bed in there when it's time and we're going to paint in my studio room today so that I can move into it soon, too. It's going well and going fast!! But for now, I've got to get Miss Pinky up for school and get ready myself. HUGS and tons of love!! ~Pinky!


Busy, busy!!

I've been super busy with the other house. Since we got the floors in, that means we can kick it into high gear getting everything finished and start moving in. I've been nuts!!! Sorry if I'm not around but I will check in when I can.

HUGS and lots of LOVE!! ~Pinky!


New work and a Sale!

Blue Jean Baby
Lapis and glass bracelet
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Well, this is my newest piece. I've had it completed for a few days, but finding the time to list it has been, well, arduous at best. So, here it is! And since tonight is Saturday, I will be participating in the weekly Saturday Night Special on Etsy. Check my shop announcement for details. SNS starts at 4:00 central time, so hop over there later tonight to see what's on sale!



I know I haven't been around much lately but it's been so busy here. The floors are done, done, DONE!! As of yesterday morning, they were completely done with the floors. I still can't get over how fast they worked! Excellent group of guys that I trusted and were impressed with their work. Here are the pictures! The carpet is a little hard to see, but you can get the idea.

1 3
4 7
6 5

2 8

I've been really busy making jewelry and I've posted a few new items in my shop, so go check it out when you get a chance. I would love to post more, but I have got to get moving again. I'll see everyone this afternoon. Hugs-N-Luv!! ~Pinky!


Dark Rainbow

In my SHOP!