My face hurts

Actually, it's my teeth, but it's making my face hurt. I feel POOPY! And, I look like someone slapped me really hard because one side of my face is swollen. Great imagery, huh? I hope all is well in the world and I will have pictures to post soon. Some of the raccoons that visit us nightly, some of Miss Pinky with her two front teeth missing, and the long awaited pictures of the grand opening! WOO!!

I have to get a little work done before I go back home, drug myself and wait to see a dentist. Hugs and love to you guys! ~Pinky!



Happy Birthday to AMBER!
Look at her! Isn't she just GORGEOUS?!?
I cannot express to all of you in the internet world what a joy and honor it is for me to know her. She is beautiful on the inside with a HUGE heart, a caring soul and she's just a magnificent friend. My only regret is that we don't live closer to each other! HA!

My dearest friend, I wish you happiness beyond your dreams. I wish you joy that fills your heart to overflowing. I wish you true friends and love in your life, always.
May the sun shine upon you today in celebration of that day you came into the world.
HUGS and TONS of love to you on this very special day!!

My love to you,



I have tons to write, but very little time. I was just checking in to say hello and let you guys know that the Grand Opening went VERY well. One third of our sales that day was in my jewelry!! WOW! I've also got a few custom orders. There is a small part of my brain that worries I'm running in too many directions.

Okay, soon, I will have the computer moved and can post pictures from the last month. Hope all is well with everyone and I will stop by blogs as soon as I can. HUGS and much love to all of you!



It's Getting CRAZY!

Just had to let that out. It's really getting nuts around here with the Grand Opening on Thursday. I feel like I'm going a little mad, but it's okay, I know it will be done soon.

I'm still at work, but I'm about to head home. I hope to have my camera near me soon so that I can take pictures. I know I will on Thursday, so expect some shots then. I've made some rings and that will be a new addition to the Pinky line of jewelry.

I'm going to go home, chill out and hopefully not throw up on myself anytime soon. heh.