Pinky Breaks Out!

I decided to take my jewelry making a step further so I have opened a store on Etsy.com. I would love for any stoppers by to go check out my work. I have art on there that I haven't posted here, so it would be a treat!

I'm excited about this adventure but I'm a little scared. I've never put myself out there for the world to see and so it's somewhat intimidating. But one of my favorite sayings is from Shawshank Redemption: "Get busy living or get busy dying." I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Because of Heather at Bad!Kitty Arts, I have started to learn that putting myself out there and sharing my art with the world is a good thing.

So, take a stroll on over to Etsy.com. It's a fabulous site full of artists and their unbelievable work. Check it out!!


#2 Earth Series

#2 Earth Series
Hand Carved Wood Beads with
Sterling Spacers and Toggle Clasp
All of the pieces that will be in the Earth Series
represent getting back to your inner self.
The person you are inside, the person that was once connected with the Earth.
When was the last time
you laid in a field and let the grass tickle your ears?
When was the last time
you made shapes out of clouds dancing in the sky?
This series is about getting closer to your beginnings, to your innocence and feeling more connected with the world around you.

Be a part of your Earth, not just a particle on it.


When you must go on.

Today has been exceptionally hard on me. I had severe anxiety attacks last night and my husband even said I was whimpering in my sleep. Needless to say, I was tired when I got up. My ex-husband has been in town and whereas that may be good for my daughter to see him, it's not good for me to have to continually be civil to him. It gets harder as time goes by. But, until she sees him in any other way than her Dad, I will have to keep on being nice and patient and, above all, tolerant. It's very tiring trying to maintain some sort of civil conduct when all I really want to do is pop him in the mouth.

I called my dearest friend Heather because I had a feeling her day was not going well either. I was, unfortunately, right. We've learned a lot from each other, but most of all we have learned that we can trust each other, we can show the vulnerable side and not fear judgment or condemnation. I needed her today and she needed me, so the stars aligned and made our schedules stop just long enough for us to hang on to one another.

About the time her mate came home to hold her and make her day more tolerable, I picked up my daughter from school. I cannot express to you how much better just seeing her made me. I know that she's safe now and that she is in a good place. As we were settling to playing outside, my husband came home and just let me hold him. I get so much love and support from him on so many levels. For the first time today, I felt okay. I had my family with me and they were happy, healthy and glad to be together. I was still emotionally tired and a little physically tired, but it was better.

Then, I went in the house and noticed a missed call from my mom. Short and simple she stated in her message to me that yet another mammogram was abnormal and she is going to see a breast surgeon on Tuesday. My mom has been battling skin cancer that is, rather quickly I might add, spreading across her body. It started on her arm then places showed up on her face. Since last summer, the cancer has resurfaced on her arm, spread down her face and has appeared on her chest. We both know what this abnormal mammogram could mean. Neither one of us is willing to say it.

I'm scared for her. I'm concerned about my friend. I'm upset by the turmoil that my ex caused by coming back. Tomorrow I will get up and be thankful that I have a home, a loving husband, an amazing daughter, a fabulous soul-sister and an uncommonly strong mother. But that's tomorrow. Tonight, I will take a hot bath and sob softly to myself. I will accept the fact that I am sad and tired and scared.
And then...

Tomorrow, I will go on.


Sparkle Series

Sparkle Series
Lavender AB Glass Beads with
Sterling Spacer and Toggle Clasp.
I woke up this morning in not the best of moods. I was tired, too tired, and I have things to do.
So, I sat outside with a cup of coffee and a cigarette and watched the world.
It was unusually quiet outside and I got to thinking about what people do on Sunday morning. For most people that live here, they get ready to go to church. So until the 11:00 service, the entire town is silent and waiting.
That's how I came up with the idea of the Sparkle Series. There will be more lavender pieces added and some blue pieces as well. Every Sunday this town lives in silence waiting to go somewhere they may or may not want to be going. There is little spark and little light.
I remember going to church as a child and those silent mornings were full of dread and anger, suprisingly. More times than I can think of, fights erupted from my family because someone didn't want to go to church, or didn't want to wear those clothes, or we were running late and then we had to sin in order to get to church on time.
It wasn't fun.
There was no Spark.
So, I have created this series in order for people to continue to fulfill their SouthenWay duties,
but have Light and Spark that they can show on the outside.
Show your shine, show your Inner Spark.


Earth Series

#1 in the Earth Serires
Hand Painted Wood Beads with Glass Beads,
Antiqued Sterling Spacers and
Toggle Clasp.


Revival - Finished!!

Watercolors on "12 X 12" Archival Paper
So, here is the finished product. As I stated in my earlier post, I got the idea from a church revival that was being held in my neighborhood. I could hear all the singing and praising and I though about how hard people work for their salvation.
Constantly reaching up to find the soft and comfortable place they hope to find when they die. But, it's not easy. The world is full of tentacles reaching, pulling and poking into their faith. Everyday the flames of hell are reaching out to taint the souls of the people that are longing for the soft place to be in the afterlife.
This is the first work in progress that I have done. I've been taking a lot of bold chances putting my art out here for the world to see. It's been a little scary, but I did it.
With the help of my fantastic soul-sister Heather, I am taking control of my life. I am being brave enough to paint and create and share it with the universe.
I have more art, more soul and more inspiration to share with all of you.
So, get ready world, Pinky is spreading her wings and flying...

Revival - Work in Progress

Here is my newest painting, even though I am not done with it yet. But, I thought that I would post the work in progress part of it so you could at least get an idea of where I am going with this piece.

The title came from something I heard last night while sitting on my patio. One of the churches in my neighborhood was having an outdoor revival. It was amazing to hear. The music, the voices, the loud chatter from people working themselves up for salvation. It was inspiring.

So, here is the first draft. I have to wait for the paint (damn watercolors) to dry before I add in the next layer. I should be done with it tonight.

Hoping you're having a fantastic and wondrous day.



well, I made it back home from the holiday and I have new art and stories to tell. But, while I was gone, work went to hell and back and I have much more catching up to do there. I will have updates ready by tomorrow, I hope, and maybe I can post pictures of my new art tonight.



if only...

this is my newest painting. i did this for my friend Heather. her family has had to go through difficulties that most of us would shudder to even think about. as of late, her family has been torn apart from the inside and it has caused damage with everyone that she loves. this painting is my expression of her loss. the background is meant to look like mosaic pieces, little shards of glass that make up her life. they are sharp, yet some a brighter than others showing that for every bright, sharp piece, there are dull ones that didn't hurt so bad. the darkness is the pain that she and her family are feeling now. it rips across their lives in an ugly and intruding way. and finally, the drops across the page are for the tears that she has been to brave to let show. they are the tears of her sons, her mate, her soul.

Heather has taught me a lot of things in our short, but precious, friendship. she has taught me about loving like no one else, she taught me to be stronger and fight for me and those i love. she taught me that no matter what pain i have had before, that i could rise above it, i could own it and that i could be more than what i thought i could. i love her dearly. i cannot imagine my life without her in it, not now. she is vital and beautiful and wonderful and strong and she is a star. do you hear me? you are a star... always.

i love you and mate man and your fabulously strong children. i know that sometimes i don't have the answers you need, but you told me that creating, painting our own world, is how you get through it all. so here is my painting, for you and all you are.


Into the Vortex

New art: simple watercolors. enjoy!


a different kind of perspective

i'm totally and completely in love with this shot. our back patio, old colander, and me with a camera in hand. i love the way you can see all the stuff behind me in this warped view. i have another one similar to this, if anyone wants me to post it, let me know.


my computer is being a pain

so, i have contracted a virus lately and now my computer is hating on me. hopefully it will feel better by this afternoon, i have some pic i want to post. be patient, i know i'm having to be!