Baby Eva ~ SOLD!!

I have had a small bracelet in my shop that my daughter made. She designed it herself, named it and told me how much to charge (which was very reasonable). I think she was thinking no one was ever going to buy it, then the lovely Amber snatched it up for her niece!! Right now, my daughter is playing with the grandparents, so I called her to tell her that she sold her first piece, to an international buyer!! OH, we screamed and jumped up and down and she wants to know everything about the girl who bought it.

Thank you so much, Amber. Not just for supporting me in my work and being my friend but for making a great memory between me and my daughter. No time soon will she forget this and the joy she has is unbelievable. Thank you for making memories. I can't put a price on that and I can't always wrap it in a box. But now, we can look back and smile and I'm glad you are the one who gave that to us.



Go Check It!

Amber over at Blurr Designs has posted an awesome tutorial on how to make fabulous dangle earrings. She has pictures and thorough explanations. Go Look!!

I have sneak peeks coming in a little bit. Check back later!!


Raw and Radiant

Raw and Radiant

Black metal handstamped tag on
Red Vinyl Cuff with
Hematite and sterling dangle.

I wish that the pictures were better, but I was so excited, that I didn't redo them. I will post better ones as I take them. The metal dogtag says "Raw and Randiant" handstamped by your truly. I have more that will be coming out that are along these lines, but you never know what I will do. I am very pleased with the piece. It's a little bit tough, a little bit vulnerable, just like me.
Feedback is appreciated. I haven't listed this in my shop yet, so if you wanna get your hands on it, you better leave some comments!!

Be Raw, Be Radiant, Be You.


New Work

I have a new piece that I am working on, thus the reason for no posting. I've only let my friend Heather in on the secret and if all goes well, I can post a picture of it later tonight, or early tomorrow. But, I'm shooting for tonight.

This is like nothing I have done before. It's a little more edgy than the rest of my work, so I am really anticipating some feedback on this.

Stay tuned...I swear, new work is coming!!


Playing with my camera

I took these while on vacation. I was playing with the exposure times, but didn't think about what it would do if I moved around during that time. Well, these are what happened!! I 'm pretty happy with them and I think I may do some photoshop adjustments, but overall, I can't be happier with something that was initially just an accident.


I'm HOME!!!!

I have SO much to write, but good lord, I am beat! We were all ready to be home and get back to a routine of sorts. Then, it started storming like crazy and we all got hunkered down to deal with the weather. It's calm now, but it put everyone in a little bit of a slow mode.

The picture is to commemorate the storm we had as a homecoming. I took it while we were on vacation. It stormed REALLY bad one night and I managed to get this shot of the lightning. It thundered and lightning so loud that it shook the balcony of a 20 story building, put out the power in the hotel next to us and set off all the car alarms in the parking lot. It is the ONLY time I have ever seen my husband get scared by a storm.

Hopefully by tomorrow, I will be back in full swing and I can post pictures and stories. We had a wonderful time and even though we were ready to come home, we weren't quite ready to leave the beach.

And, just so you don't think I forgot:


You are a bright and wonderful light that shines in my life and on more than one occasion, that light has guided me. Words cannot capture my love and admiration for the father you have always been, the Pop that you so easily became and the man that has always been a Superhero to me. Here is to you on this one day of celebration. Although, I celebrate you every day of my life. I love, love, love you with everything a daughter has to love. Thank you for being so wonderfully, amazingly and lovingly you.


I'm Leaving!!

Well, folks, I'm off to the beach. I'll be gone a week and I will have SO much fun!! Sand, surf, food, building castles with my daughter, floating in the ocean, all those wonderful beach things. In order for me to have all this, I have to sacrifice my computer for a week. Where we are staying, there is no "internet lounge" and I don't have a laptop, so NO INTERNET FOR A WHOLE WEEK!!! That makes me sad. I am bringing a tackle box full of beads so I can still create while I'm gone.

I posted the two newest pieces on Etsy today, so go look. Hopefully, when I get back, I can regale you with pictures (NONE of me in a swimsuit!!) stories and new art. Be well.


Two new pieces

I haven't put these up on Etsy yet, because, well, because I am just being lazy. I'm supposed to be packing for our trip, but I'm being lazy about that, too. BUT, out of all my laziness, I sure have managed to create new art!! Take a look and tell me what you think:

I know the picture is dark here, but I still love the shot. It just looks cool to me. Anyway, these are a new set of hair sticks. They are wrapped with stainless steel wire and the dangles are black pearls surrounded by amethyst squares. I may post a better picture because these are just so cool.

Now this little beauty elicited a "Hey, that looks cool!" from my husband, so I am very pleased with this. It's a combination of teardrop, iridescence purple glass beads and shiny black hematite beads. This piece literally glows. Every way you turn a new color erupts out of it. I have been waiting to use this toggle and I am glad I did. I think it sets the piece of perfectly.

So, there are two new pieces, both of which I am really tickled about. Hopefully, I'll get over my lazy kick and post these in my Pinky shop.


Look! LOOK!!

I have had this idea in my head for a while, but I couldn't share it with everyone yet until all the pieces came together. Well, that happened today.

My newest creation!!
Wire Wrapped Hair Sticks!!

I am constantly pulling my hair out of my way, but pony tail holders damage my hair. These WON'T damage!!! I started using chopsticks, pencils, whatever I could find to jab in my hair and keep it back while I was working. That's how I got the idea for this. It's a fun and sassy way to make an up-do without damaging your hair. Plus, if you're having a "bad hair day" you can pin it up in style!!

Also, I am really happy with the flexibility this gives me in creating something. I can do a lot of different things with wrapping the ends, making dangle drops or single drops. Anyway, this is just another thing that I have been up to lately! And there are going to be LOTS more of these!


I'm a Crafting FOOL!!

While my internet was down, I didn't do any new work. I just couldn't because I knew I would want to post it immediately!! So, for two days, I have been making stuff nearly non stop. I have my day job and that cuts into my crafting, but I have made it up at night. Check out all my new stuff!!

If you click on the pictures, it will take you to my shop! Don't forget that I'm going to the beach and could use some extra spending money!!!
(not so subtle hint)


Shades of the Sea

Shades of the Sea

available at my Etsy Shop!
My daughter is with my parents, being completely and totally spoiled. Usually, I have to plead with her to stay on the phone with me, but tonight, she wanted to chat. So we talked about her day and all the cool things she did at the waterpark. I was already missing her but this made it harder. I know she's having fun, but I still feel like I'm missing something with her.

Then, she called while I was outside and I missed her call. She left me a message telling me that she missed me and she didn't want me to be sad because she loves me. Do you have any idea how hard my heart broke at that moment? She knew I missed her and she called to tell me that she was okay and for me not to be sad.

I did get to talk to her before she went to bed. We talked about our upcoming beach trip and how much fun we are going to have. She told me that she missed me and I reminded her that no matter where she goes, I am always in her heart. I am always there with her and all she ever has to do is wrap her arms around her little body and feel me loving her from the inside out. I know she can do that and be back to normal in a moment. I'm not so good at that. So, I designed this necklace with her in mind. The beach is her favorite place to be and this is a shell she found, nothing could be more perfect to exemplify that love is always close to your heart.

No Internet!!

My internet connection has been down at my house all weekend long!!! I didn't realize how much I have come to depend on it and how disconnected I feel when it's down. VERY frustrating. Hopefully, it will be back up by this afternoon. I have some new jewelry and stories to tell. But, while you are waiting on me to entertain you, go check this out:

Heather over at Bad!Kitty is trying really hard to buy a house. It's perfect for her family and they are needing down payment money. So, she has gone nuts and is selling all her fabulous antique oddities!! There are cameras, robots and more! She is adding new stuff every day and the prices are so low, she really should be ashamed. Go look around, buy something and help her dreams come true!! Happy Monday!


One Southern Woman's Summer

One of the niceties of living in a small, college town in the South, is seeing how much it changes when the students are gone. Everything seems to slow down a bit. The roads are less crowded, the stores are less busy, and the summer starts to move in with this newfound calm.

Early mornings are brought to life by the sound of lawnmowers and weedeaters prepping for upcoming barbecues. Men no longer wear cologne for the store-bought smell is replaced by sweat, grass clippings and charcoal. In the South, you start early for a barbecue.

By mid-morning, you can tell the heat is going to be stifling. It clings to your skin like a thin sweater that you just can't shake, even in the comfort of an air-conditioned room. And as the day warms on, the streets start to turn to mirages where half ghost images dance in the shimmer of the asphalt beginning to melt. The air becomes thickly sweet with the smell of begonias, honeysuckle and the last bit of wisteria.

Late afternoon brings a rush to the day. Everyone is trying to get settled for the evening. The sound of children laughing can be heard for miles. Beer and iced tea is being brought out to the patio and a menagerie of meat and vegetables are finally plopped on the grill. The smell is overwhelming and incites hunger in an instant. The chatter of birds mix with the chatter of friends and family. The crickets don't mix with anyone and just about the time the food comes off the grill, the bugs have reached a loud roar.

After dinner is done, the dishes are cleared and everyone has gone their separate ways, the summer night strolls in. Still thick from the heat of the day, but less weighty. A slight breeze rustles the trees and makes windchimes tinkle, ever so slightly. With the bugs calming down a little, people leave the sofa, the television, the video games and return to nature. It gets so very quiet.

And when the summer day is finally closing down for the night, you can hear the faint sound of metal on metal as friends and lovers alike, swing on porch swings and listen to the night. I swear, when it gets that quiet and calm, you can just almost hear the sound of ice cubes clinking into the last glass of tea before bedtime. Lightening bugs make yards sparkle and stars peek out of the deep blue sky. Everything is peaceful when a large yellow moon reaches down and kisses us all good night.